What is UML?

UML started in 2007 its aim was to give unsigned artists a platform to sell their content. It was mainly dependent on Cellular Network giants like MTN or Vodacom for digital sales. This became a problem as most profits were taken by these companies instead of the artists.

We need an independent trading system that purely benefits the content creators. In 2012 ZWappE Realtime  was created, which manages finance efficiently.  The UML library sells artist content through ZWappE online currency which is in turn paid directly to them via FNB's E-Wallet without a middle person.

In short; UML is a shelfing system for content creators who's sales are saved in ZWappE Online Banking Sytem.

Join and Sell your music with us

UML uses a ZWappE online Curency.

1 ZWappe Unit = R 1.00.

This allows content creators to set their own prices and and there's no middle person. If you sell a song at R10 you get R10.

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